About ALO Drink Original

Meet ALO Drink, the Asian all-natural aloe vera drink with real pulp and juice; straight from the plant. ALO Drink is 100% natural and contains no artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners. Only the finest ingredients are used; it is called ‘Goodness from the inside out’ for a reason!


ALO Drink distinguishes itself by:
• Real aloe vera pulp and juice, straight from the plant!
• Naturally sweetened with cane sugar
• Contains vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids
• Free of artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners
• From 24 calories per 100 ml


ALO Drink is available in six different refreshing flavors: Exposed (regular with honey), Comfort (watermelon and peach), Allure (mango and mangosteen), Enrich (pomegranate and cranberry), Appeal (grapefruit, pomelo and lemon) and Spring (mulberry, cranberry, blueberry, blue grape and lemon).