About Nutrisense

About 25 years ago, NutriSense was the first to introduce a low-calorie and sugar free vitamin drink on the Dutch market. Currently, it is impossible to imagine a functional drink market without vitamin water.

After this successful introduction, the American sports nutrition brand PowerBar follows. PowerBar was, at that time, focusing on a small market of endurance athletes, marathoners and triathletes. Nowadays, PowerBar has evolved into the best-known sports nutrition brand when it comes to top-class sport, endurance sport, team sport and recreational sports.

In 2006 NutriSense collaborated with both the successful skating team TVM and the HAN University, and introduced their first own product PeptiPlus. This was the first protein hydrolysate sports drink on the Dutch market which was tasteful. This product, where carbohydrates and proteins are combined, is highly popular among top- and professional athletes. Nowadays, PeptiPlus is covered under the Dutch sports nutrition brand QWIN, which was introduced in 2014.

It was in 2016 when NutriSense shifted their focus from niche distribution to mass market distribution. Because of this shift, several products have found their way to consumers via both convenience stores and other retail channels.

From this increasing market position, NutriSense introduced Pandy protein bars in 2019. This contemporary brand fits perfectly within the sports- and active lifestyle product range of NutriSense.

NutriSense uses an omni-channel sales approach and can be found in the following sales channels:

(Endurance) sports

NutriSense offers a wide and complete range of products, a professional presentation and various marketing activations. NutriSense covers running-, cycling and sports retailers nationwide.


With a coverage of over 80% of the fitness centers, NutriSense is widely represented.

Convenience stores

Various NutriSense products can be found at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Spar en PLUS Supermarkets.

Top-class sport

Many of the Dutch top-class athletes and -sports teams are provided with the right sports nutrition by NutriSense. NutriSense is also in close collaboration with various sports associations.


Sports Nutrition by NutriSense is available at all large webshops.


NutriSense covers the sports nutrition at events such as marathons and cycling tours, and is represented at sport expo’s.

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